Interpreter Services

Professional interpreting services can help you and your organization to communicate with those who speak other languages, across a wide range of situations. Our professional, skilled interpreters will ensure that your message is conveyed accurately and not lost in translation. We understand the importance of business communication and work for the success of our clients.

Interpreting services in over 70 languages can be tailored to your needs, fast and accurate results are guaranteed. We use our knowledge, craft, relationships, and resources to provide excellence in professional interpreting.

Why Choose Us for Interpreter Services?

  • Our expert team consists of reliable and expert translators, interpreters and legal document assistants.
  • Our main goal is to provide timely and affordable services to all our clients and we value their success the most.
  • We add value to newly rising businesses and companies.
  • Our rates are affordable and services are top notch.

Translation Services

We provide fast online translation so that you receive professional translation services in minutes. It is fast, it is secure and it is accurate. If you require quality translations at fast speed, BAIS is your best bet. We ensure high-quality translation services to international and national clients with a strong translation team in English as well as other languages.

We believe in providing customer satisfactory results that will help our customers in their business or immigration needs. Simply upload your documents, monitor progress, and download your translated files on-demand.

No matter what your business is, getting enterprise translation services fast and on-demand can be challenging. By bringing this service online we help you reduce costs and stress, and also help save valuable time.

New York Area Immigration Services has been providing assistance to the Corporate Sector in their immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions for more than 14 years now; hence providing global enterprises with quality translation services is our next logical step. We have automated every step of the localization cycle (file analysis, quotation, translator assignment, linguistic review, job delivery, invoicing and billing) to deliver the best customer experience.